Data Protection Statement

KiTTi was developed by Santander to offer a new easy way to create collective pots of money to pay for things. Kalixa Pay Limited are an e-money issuer, with a specialisation in payments technology. Santander built KiTTi with Kalixa Pay Limited to operate a great service, in the right way and we’re excited you’re about to join us.

We respect your rights to have your information safeguarded and only used appropriately. As part of this we want to be clear with you about how your data provided by you through KiTTi will be used.

When you apply to join KiTTi, either as a KiTTi Owner or as a KiTTi Participant, then before your application proceeds, you will be asked to confirm that you accept and agree to how your information will be used and to confirm that you accept and agree to the terms and conditions applicable to the use of KiTTi.

The Data Protection Statement

This Data Protection Statement tells you how the information you provide and the information that is held by KiTTi will be used by Kalixa Pay Limited (“Kalixa/we/our”) and Santander UK plc (“Santander”). Information will be kept after you leave KiTTi, whether as a KiTTi Owner or a KiTTi Participant.

How we will use your information

We will use the information you provide in the KiTTi App to process your application to become a KiTTi Owner or a KiTTi Participant. If you apply to be a KiTTi Owner then to ensure that we comply with our obligations (including anti-money laundering requirements), we will pass your details to an identity verification service to verify your address and identity. A record will be kept of any searches that are made. As these are not credit searches, this will not affect your ability to get credit elsewhere.

As we are the provider of KiTTi, we will use the information that you give and that we hold (including the details of any transactions) to run the KiTTi and to deal with any enquiries that we receive about the running of the service, for example regarding any transactions that are made. See the “Contacting you by e-mail or SMS” section below for further information.

All KiTTi Users will be able to see the balance of the KiTTi including who has paid into it and how much each individual has paid in. KiTTi Users will also be able to see any transfers from the KiTTi to the KiTTi Owner’s Card or another KiTTi but only the KiTTi Owner will be able to view any Transactions that are made using the Card.

Your name and any profile picture that you provide will be seen by the KiTTi Owner and any existing or potential KiTTi Participants that have been invited by the KiTTi Owner to that specific KiTTi.

We will not use the information that we hold for marketing purposes.

How Santander will use your information

Unless you have opted-out of marketing as part of the sign-up process or at a later date, Santander will use the information that you provide and which is held by KiTTi (including transactional information) to send you details by email or SMS of other products and services that Santander thinks might be of interest to you. You can change your marketing preferences at any time by contacting the KiTTi help desk team, for example through the KiTTi App. Please note that the marketing preferences you record will only apply to KiTTi and not to any accounts that you may have with Santander. If you wish to change your preferences on your Santander accounts, please contact Santander direct or visit your local branch.

Santander will also use the information that is held by KiTTi to help them to develop and improve other KiTTi products and services.

Sharing information between us and Santander

For KiTTi to operate and to resolve any issues that may arise, it is necessary for Kalixa and Santander to share your information with each other. We will only share your information for the purposes that are set out in this Data Protection statement and/or terms and conditions applicable to the use of KiTTi.

Contacting you by email and SMS

Our system will alert you by e-mail and/or SMS in various situations when we need to inform you about important events associated with using KiTTi. Our communications will include (but are not limited to) important information regarding:

For example, messages will be sent to you regarding any invites you have received to be a Participant in a KiTTi, when your Card was sent to you and when your registration to become a KiTTi Owner has been completed successfully.

Contacting us by phone

You can call the KiTTi help desk team through the KiTTi App or by using the telephone number on the KiTTi Website. To help us improve our service we might record or monitor telephone calls with you.

Contacting us by email

You can e-mail the KiTTi help desk team using the e-mail option within the KiTTi App or on When you email us, we may collect some personal details like your name, address and phone number. E-mail is not always a secure method of communication so we recommend that you don’t send us sensitive information that may compromise the security of your account, such as card numbers.

Emails are stored on an internal contact system operated by Kalixa Operations GmbH, which is secure and cannot be accessed by external parties. This information will not be stored for longer than is necessary.

Surveys and competitions

We will treat any survey or competition-related personal information you provide us, with the same high standard of care as we do all other customer information, using any details provided strictly within the terms of the competition and this Data Protection Statement.

Obtaining a copy of your information and correcting mistakes

You can at any time, ask for a copy of all the personal information that we (or Santander) hold about you as a KiTTi owner and/or KiTTi Participant on the payment of a fee and to have any inaccuracies corrected, where relevant. A copy of the personal information held can be requested over the telephone. Please contact the KiTTi help desk through the KiTTi App or on the details available on the KiTTi Website.

To find out more about your information rights, you can visit the website of the Information Commissioner at

Contacting us about this Data Protection Statement

If you have any questions about this Data Protection Statement or want to know more, please contact the KiTTi help desk team through the KiTTi App or on the details available on the KiTTi Website and they will be more than willing to help you.